Olive My Pickle

Brand, Logo & Label Design

Olive My Pickle is a Jacksonville-based retailer offering an array of delicious artisanal food items such as fermented pickles and gourmet olives. Wanting a truthful, inviting representation of their salt-of-the-earth wholesomeness, they came to us for a redesign of their brand, logo, and label.

  • OMP Name and Logo

    Showcasing OMP's Style

    A primary goal of redesigning Olive My Pickle’s brand was to generate awareness and interest within specific healthy living communities. Our guideline for the logo and label designs was to create an image that was approachable, uncluttered, and fitting of the company’s warm, even humorous character.

    Joining Two Passions

    One of Olive My Pickle’s owners is particularly passionate about street art and wished to see that aesthetic brought out in the logo. In the digital phase, we added spray paint textures and text to create an especially grungy version, taking the brand in an unexpected but exciting direction. (Notice the small heart-shaped knot, a playful detail.)

  • OMP Grunge Logo

Adding Some Color

Classic pickle green is a staple of Olive My Pickle’s brand, but some other colors made their way into the labels as well, including burnt oranges, apricot, and even a midnight blue. The way we arrived at these colors is quite unique: the street art–loving owner provided color codes of spray paints, which we tracked down and incorporated to add something personal.

OMP Alternative Labels

Fermenting the Logo

We initially started with several possible logos, many of which experiment with various perspectives of a barrel. These were hand-drawn and partially inspired by the original logo’s use of a barrel. In the end, the potential logos were narrowed down to one that encompasses Olive My Pickle’s fun and organic nature.

OMP Alternative Logos

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