Ovation Credit

Identity and Web Design

Ovation Credit reached out to Station Four to design a new, responsive website for the company that is both innovative and impressive—pushing the envelope in terms of design and interactivity. We also designed a new logo to update the Ovation brand and add a fresh take on the website design.

  • Homepage

    Even though Ovation is a multipage site, we felt that a long-form multi-panel homepage enabled us to better tell the story and convey the value of Ovation's service offering. We did this through the use of customized vector graphics, clear value propositions, and statistics.

    The home panel 'banner' cycles through a series of key messages and represents key personas and audiences.

    In an industry that has largely gone for the quick sell and cheap design, S4 and Ovation decided to focus on customer education and taking an approach different from the 'hard sell' aesthetic and approach of competitors.

  • Paid Search Campaign: Landing Pages

    To to support their paid search initiatives, we continue to work with Ovation to optimize the conversion rate and revenue generated from paid advertisements and campaigns. By adjusting imagery, copy, call-to-action placement we can help make the most of dollars devoted to ad spends.

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