Pet Guard

Website Design

PetGuard offers more natural and nutritional pet food options backed by science and crafted by passion. Puting pets health and wellness first, meant ensuring pet owners were aware of the more nutritional options available for their furry friends. They asked us to help ensure their website and sales materials stood out amongst the less healthier options provided by their competitors.

Man on laptop

The Scope

When you are focusing on your brand awareness, it helps to have a consulting team on your site. That’s exactly why PetGuard needed us to help consult with them on their web design overhaul. To add to the challenge, a brand refresh would be following the project so it had to be built knowing the site would need a reskin in the near future.

PetGuard Banner

Building the Site

Inspired by existing packaging, we built the site to showcase the energetic and playful feel the brand had already encompassed. We paired that with a more modern look and added the all too adorable cat and dog photos (which may have been the most fun photo selection process we’ve had to date). The prior site consisted of old, outdated, or simply necessary elements and information, that we were able to rebuild and improve with the new site design.

PetGuard home page

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