Pet Guard 2.0

Website Refresh

PetGuard offers scientifically backed natural and nutritional pet food crafted by people who are passionate about pet welfare. Puting pets health and wellness first, means ensuring the brand portrays the unique benefits PetGuard has compared to their competitors. This is why they chose us to help implement their website rebranding.


The PetGuard 2.0 project focused more on rebranding than the need to update outdated pages like the PetGuard 1.0 project. Sticking to the need for a cohesive experience from site to shelf, we embarked on a journey to align PetGuards brand to the benefits it has for their customers furry friends.

PetGuard Icons


In the end, the site was yet another touchpoint in the PetGuard user experience, bringing brand recognition and holistic importance to the site. With compliments from customers and vendors alike, PetGuards Website Rebrand was a success.

PetGuard sample page

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