Route 66

Responsive Web Design

Route 66—better known as The Mother Road—needed a website that was just as remarkable and dynamic as the decades of history behind the historic route. Station Four designed the responsive Route 66 website to include a wide range of historic and current information ranging from events, places to visit and even places to stay along The Mother Road.

Attraction Listing and Details

The ‘what to see’ page was designed with visitors in mind to allow for easy navigation through historic attractions along The Mother Road which can be filtered by alignment. Expanded ‘what to see’ attraction pages allow visitors to easily grab description, location and contact information on a specific attraction. They can also watch a short video clip focused on the place they’re interested in checking out.

Accomodation and Subpage Template

The ‘where to stay’ page was designed so visitors can easily filter places to stay along The Mother Road by specific locations within the Northern, Central and Southern regions of Illinois.

Responsive design: Optimized for Mobile Devices

The Route 66 site easily accommodates viewers browsing on mobile devices. Each of the website’s pages including the events and story pages were carefully designed to be displayed in ways that were not only appealing but also made sense to mobile browsers.

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