Patrol Bike Web Design & Application Development

Safariland/Kona tasked Station Four with developing a dynamic new website for their police patrol bikes. As part of this site, we developed a unique “feature flyout” that allowed users to identify features on individual product images. For instant content updates and revisions, Station Four integrated the site into the ASP.NET CMS Umbraco.

Subpage Designs

The Safariland/Kona Patrol Bike website highlights the features of two models of specialized bikes for law enforcement officers as well as products and gear associated with the bikes. Additionally, the website contains FAQs and support subpages.

Feature Flyout Custom Application

To highlight the features of the patrol bikes and gear, we developed a custom solution that allows administrators of the website to add, edit, and delete dots that overlay the product and display information when users hover over them.

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Product Pages

The website has two types of products that needed to be presented in very different ways. The patrol bikes themselves are complex and expensive machines that contain an array of features and parts. Additionally, they are the focus of the whole site, so the presentation of the bikes needed to be impressive. On the other hand, the other products like water bottles, helmets, and shoes require less information to be presented to the user.

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