Select Staffing

Responsive Web Design

One of EmployBridge's many brands, Select Staffing has locations across seven states and serves a variety of industries. They partnered with us for the design and development of a website that adequately reflects their professionalism and superb customer relationships.

Select Staffing Home Page

Focus on UX

While many of the jobs on the new Select Staffing website may be labor-intensive, we aimed to make navigating it as easy as possible. Everything about the user experience, on both desktop and mobile, is structured to emphasize the job search function and simplify the application process.

  • Select Staffing Job Seekers Page
  • Select Staffing Current Employees Page


Our desired aesthetic was clean and approachable, so we utilized sans-serif typography and an overall brighter color palette. Perfectly responsive, the website retains this uncluttered nature on any device, enabling job seekers and employers alike to browse on the go.

  • Select Staffing Mobile Menu
  • Select Staffing Mobile Employers Page
  • Select Staffing Mobile News Page

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