Smith's Farm

Responsive Web Design & Messaging

Smith’s Farm, Inc. is the largest broccoli grower and distributor east of the Mississippi. Founded in 1861, the Smith family has been growing produce in Maine for more than 150 years and in Florida for the past 20. To create a foundation for their growing brand’s digital strategy, they partnered with Station Four to complete a website overhaul.

Placing an Emphasis on Legacy and Quality

For over six generations, the Smith family has built the Stag Brand into a trusted name. Their ability to seed, harvest, package, and deliver their produce to grocers along the east coast has helped them maintain the quality of their product, even as they’ve grown their operation. The site’s design and functionality was created to highlight both the Smith’s Farm legacy and their dedication to growing produce in a sustainable way.

Letting the freshness show

With such top-quality produce, it was important to design a package that highlighted freshness. Our designer emphasized the naturally vibrant color of the broccoli by designing the bag with enough transparency to let the green show through while still allowing the logo to pop.

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