True Velocity

Web Design

True Velocity is an ammunition manufacturing company based out of Texas that specializes in polymer cased ammunition. With over 30 proprietary design and manufacturing method patents, True Velocity produces reliable and precise ammunition. Station Four partnered with them to create a compelling website.

True Velocity Website on a Laptop

Precise Design

True Velocity operates within a very distinct market. While brass ammunition is considered traditional and trusted, polymer cased ammunition is a relatively new technology. Therefore one of the largest components of the site was educating their customers on the tested and proven accuracy of the product, as well as benefits such as lighter weight and lower heat signature. We achieved this through artfully placed infographics and strategic messaging to emphasize their unique offerings over traditional brass ammunition. The resulting design is masculine, professional, and suiting to their powerful branding.

Manufactured Ammunition
True Velocity Full Homepage
True Velocity Color Options

Where Function Meets Design

Working on this site required the production of several infographics. For instance, we worked with True Velocity to produce the above graphic that displays how the color of the polymer casing can be customized. Since their primary industries services are military and law enforcement, it is important for their customer base to know that the casing can be camouflaged with their environment.

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