Website Redesign

UltraTech is an international leader in spill containment product design and manufacturing -with a catalog of over 300 unique products. They came to S4 in 2014 for reporting about their current digital marketing efforts. Since then, they continue to partner with the team on a regular basis for a variety of projects including website redesigns, product launches and marketing campaigns.

A Large-scale Catalog Redesign

One of the largest projects that S4 has worked with UltraTech on to date was the redesign for their flagship site, spillcontainment.com. This site housed all the information about UltraTech as well as their over 300 unique products. Since this large number was likely to continue growing over the next few years, the team at S4 needed to step back and create a site architecture to support that growth as well as a CMS that would give the marketing team at UltraTech the ability to feature certain products at different times and continually optimize product pages for search as needed.

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