University of Arizona

Identity and Messaging

The University of Arizona’s College of Humanities partnered with Station Four to articulate its brand identity and messaging in the context of the University’s overall brand. To this end, we conducted primary research and constructed a complete set of brand guidelines that included an overarching Brand Idea, personas, and visual deliverables with guidelines.


    The College of Humanities (COH) wanted to better align their brand with the University’s recent rebrand, while at the same time highlighting the attributes that made them unique. Using the University’s new branding guidelines as a starting point, we conducted our own research to determine brand personas that aligned with the University, but were still unique to the COH.


    After determining the personas associated with the brand, we constructed an overarching Brand Idea, “Connections without Limits,” and further defined the brand by fleshing out its attributes and benefits, substantiators, higher order benefits, brand character and brand promise. Together these pieces gave the brand an identity and messaging strategy.


As a final step, we delivered a full array of brand assets and guidelines to support the defined Brand idea. These included color pallets, photography and typography guidelines and graphic elements.

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