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S4’s work with IntoGo started as an app project and consulting relationship. The relationship then took on a new idea of creating an application that would be housed in a Kiosk designed to let people know about events and places located nearby.

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The idea was simple: make events and locations readily available to people in hotels or travel locations. The underlying technology, however, was anything but simple. S4 worked with the IntoGo team to build the infrastructure needed to support this venture and its database of events and places.

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    These Kiosks are digital boards intended for interactions and ease of use. The system has a mobile app so users could take the directions with them on the go! This is beneficial for the user, but also surrounding businesses who pay to be listed in such Kiosks.

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  • intoGo homecsreen
  • intoGo homecsreen
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A part of this project was assisting with a pitch deck and marketing assets the client could use when asking for businesses to sign up as a listing. S4 also helped consult them on ways to monetize the projects.


With the addition of a website intended to build awareness and opportunities, marketing materials for the sales team to utilize, and an infrastructure to fit the needs and desires of users, S4’s work on the project was complete. It was a challenging and fun task to build an interface for something as unique as a Kiosk.

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