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Strategy & Website Design

Baptist MD Anderson Cancer Center provides extraordinary care to patients diagnosed with cancer using cutting-edge technology, therapies and a multidisciplinary team of specialists. Station Four partnered with Baptist Health and coordinated with the hospital marketing team and physicians to design a beautiful and content-rich website for prospective patients and their families.

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A Complex Project

To gain a better understanding of Baptist Health’s needs, the Station Four team performed extensive research on industry best practices and previous projects. We decided to use a modular design concept because it allowed for flexibility among the individual cancer divisions.

We built simple templates that would offer consistency among the divisions. Each template consisted of a header and footer. We then created basic components and patterns that could be reused across the main website and the division sites. We organized these components based on the needs of each cancer division to build dynamic layouts that would incorporate their specific content.

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  • MD Anderson full page
  • MD Anderson full page
  • MD Anderson full page

Multiple Microsites

We worked hand in hand with doctors, managing directors, nurses and stakeholders to create individual microsites for each cancer division.

Because the microsites were complex and consisted of their own architecture, content, and images, we used the modular approach to create customized layouts and templates for each division. The finished product consisted of 10 different microsites that branched off of the main MD Anderson Cancer Center website.

Front End Coding

Our web developers utilized the modular design system and customized wireframes to write the code for the front-end of the website. We coordinated with the Baptist Health’s IT department to share the coded templates for their team to build the back-end code for the website.

Stakeholder Coordination

Working with a complex hospital system to build a complex website and numerous microsites requires excellent coordination and project management skills. The S4 team seamlessly worked together with dozens of stakeholders, the hospital marketing and IT departments, and physicians and nurses to ensure the web design and content relayed the new facility’s important message to the community. It was truly a collaborative effort from both the S4 and hospital teams to bring this project to the finish line.

  • MD Anderson full page
  • MD Anderson full page
  • MD Anderson full page

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