Building Rich Applications & Dynamic Websites.

Station Four has partnered with Safariland and BAE Systems since 2010. Acting as their outsourced digital agency, we collaborate on a diverse group of projects involving a variety of diciplines such as design, ASP.NET development, marketing, and strategic consulting.

  • Safariland Kona Patrol Bike Homepage
  • Safariland Kona Bike Site

    With a tight deadline looming, we called all hands on deck to get this great looking website through Safariland's QA and security processes ahead of schedule.

    Safariland Kona Patrol Bike Category Page

Front-end Enhancements

Using Javascript and ASP.NET C#, we created an interface that allows administrators to place feature overlays on the patrol bikes and other products on the website the display information on that particular feature when a user hovers over the area.

  • Safariland Kona Feature Flyout
  • Safariland Kona Feature Flyout
  • Bianchi

    Bianchi International offers a diverse selection of products, requiring a website with strong design to properly highlight gear and accessories and clear organization of content to promote better usability. We were able to satisfy all of these needs while integrating the website into Orchard CMS.

    Bianchi Homepage
  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Wireframe
  • Holster Finder Web Application for

    Holster Finder is an ASP.NET application that Safariland can drop into a variety of their brand websites. It allows users to dig down and find holsters that matche their firearm.

    BAE Safariland Holster Finder Wireframe
  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Homepage

Drilling down: Planning out the process

The number of series and models of holsters offered by Safariland is staggering. We worked with their subject area experts to develop an application that appropriately categorizes their product lines and allows users to easily find the holster they wanted.

  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Subpage1
  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Subpage2
  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Subpage3
  • BAE Safariland Holster Finder Subpage4

Prototypes: Getting involved early

In the early stages of planning a new website, Hatch Corp, Safariland leveraged Station Four's understanding of UX design to produce a series of medium fidelity wireframe prototypes.

  • BAE Safariland Hatchcorp Wireframe
  • BAE Safariland Hatchcorp Wireframe
  • Forensics Promo Designs

    With a bunch of sub-brands and thousands of products, Safariland needs to be able to generate interest in new products and brands. We designed a series of banners and promotional graphics to help them grab their users' attention.

    BAE Safariland Forensics BAE Safariland Forensics
  • BAE Safariland Forensics Homepage
BAE Safariland Forensics Banner BAE Safariland Forensics Banner BAE Safariland Forensics Banner