The Right Strategy.

We start with a well-thought-out plan to ensure our output achieves initial goals and is able to adapt to new ones along the way.

Working Across Channels.

A sound strategy is necessary for any successful digital endeavor, and ours involves assessing goals and resources before distributing the latter across a precisely selected number of channels based on projected return on investment. In short, we avoid uniform tactics in favor of applying each clients’ resources to their greatest potential.

An Agile Workflow.

As the digital space is impermanent and sometimes unpredictable, a key aspect of any strategy we employ for our clients is our agile workflow. This comprises us working in cross-functional teams capable of rapidly delivering products before entering the Continuous Improvement [link to How We Work] phase in which we constantly evaluate new data and insights and execute appropriate adjustments.

Forming the Plan of Action.

We guide clients through each component of their digital endeavor to form the best plan using any number of the following techniques.

  • Requirements Gathering

    We have several methods of gathering and understanding all necessary requirements so we can begin as prepared as possible with a clear idea of the intended direction.

  • Brand Identity, Messaging and Positioning

    Brand identity is not just a pretty image or a catchy line—it’s the representation of what a company stands for. We provide proper brand strategy to help guide the rest of the planning stage.

  • Content and Communications Strategy

    Content is a powerful yet often overlooked web asset. Usable content created with the right strategy engages with and informs users and makes a website stand out for the better.

  • Competitive and Comparative Analysis

    Competitive and comparative analysis is an important step in in the strategic planning process. Breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of the competition’s strategy allows us to identify optimal positioning and implementation.