The Right Strategy.

Every great trip needs a good map. We start with a well-thought-out plan so that the final output achieves the initial goals of the project.

Customized for Each Project.

A sound strategic plan is necessary for a successful website. We will help corral and develop your goals and initiatives and combine them with our expert direction and process to create the right strategy for your specific project. Every project is going to be different, so there is no cookie-cutter approach taken with any client.

Confidence in the Process.

It is our goal within this phase to help you feel confident moving forward with us, which we will do with consistent communication and feedback from the very beginning. This type of open collaboration helps us get the information and setup that we need to deliver a great end product.

Developing the Plan of Action.

Each project is unique. We’ll guide you through each component to form the best possible plan for your website using any number of the following strategies.

  • Requirements Gathering / Functional Specs

    We have several techniques that allow us to gather and understand all the necessary requirements for a project, so we can begin as prepared as possible with a clear understanding of the intended direction.

  • Brand Identity & Messaging / Brand Strategy & Positioning

    Brand identity is not just a pretty image or a catchy line; it is the representation of what your company stands for. We can provide proper brand strategy and positioning, which will help guide the rest of the planning process.

  • Content Strategy & Copywriting / Communications Strategy

    Content is a powerful web asset often overlooked. Useful and usable content created with the right strategy not only informs and engages, but it is content your user actually cares about. It can make all the difference in your website standing out.

  • Competitive / Comparative Analysis

    Competitive and comparative analyses are an imperative step in the strategic planning process. Breaking down the pros and cons of the competition allows us to identify proper positioning and implementation and gives context for your project.