Brand & Logo Design

Leave a Mark: Your brand identity is your company’s fingerprint, a visual vestige that represents you everywhere you are. Make it memorable.

Don’t Have an Identity Crisis

There are a lot of bad logo design services out there. The market is full of low cost solutions, making it hard to differentiate between services in a commodified market. Fly-by-night freelancers, $20 logo design services, and “free” crowdsourced contest designs have encouraged a race to the bottom. We’ve heard horror stories about logos built with stock designs, or ones that infringe upon the copyrights of another company. Your logo is the fundamental touchstone for your brand identity. It should be a rocket ship that launches your brand; don’t have it built by the lowest bidder.

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Our team knows that your logo sets the tone for every interaction your customers have with your company. Whether it’s a wordmark, letterform, pictorial, or abstract logo, Station Four ensures that the key components of your company are conveyed. Viewers should immediately get a distinct sense of your company’s personality and point of view, and know how you’re different from your competitors. It should precisely communicate who you are, what you do, and look good in every possible format.

Design Backed by Research

We don’t just start scribbling and then provide you with single file containing one image. Our process includes research, interviews with your team, style tiles, and mood boards, as well as accounting for any expected revisions. Once you’re delighted with your design, we provide you with a full logo suite, ensuring that your chosen image looks great in every setting, whether on- or offline. We’ll also provide you with brand guidelines to ensure that you’re articulating your brand successfully in all contexts.