Web Application Development

Get the functionality you need for your unique business requirements

Custom Applications Require Custom Talent

Station Four focuses on web application development within the Microsoft ASP.NET technology stack, an open source server-side framework that produces dynamic websites and web services. This positions our developers to provide comprehensive digital solutions for your business’ needs. If that last sentence sounds a bit vague, it’s because it covers a lot of different kinds of functionality. We can hook into nearly any type of dynamic content that your users might need to access, and then translate it in a fashion that makes sense for your business. That could include anything from dynamic pricing, automated dashboard updates, or pulling in any other kind of frequently changing data your customers need to see.

In-House and On-Demand

Keeping development in-house is important. Anybody can outsource development to an inexpensive shop located in some far-off corner of the world, but they can’t control the quality of the output. At Station Four, our developers work directly with clients to make sure we’re not just meeting functional requirements, but fulfilling them in an intuitive way. We also ensure we’re building new functionality within the broader context of your entire technological environment, so you can scale your solutions as you grow.

Our Team is Your Team

If you’ve got an internal IT team, we’re happy to coordinate with them, and augment their capabilities for a specific project. Whether you need access to our team for a few minor enhancements that your resources will implement, or require we guide you through from start to finish, we’ve got you covered. We also have a wide range of experience we can bring to bear on your industry. We’ve built software that generates insurance quotes, parses through thousands of products to show the relevant ones based on user-selected filters, pulls up bus schedules, or illustrates a shop nearest your location. If you’ve got a digital problem, chances are, we’ve seen it before. Let us build your solution.