Communication Strategy

The Art & Science of Good Content & Communications Strategies: There’s no one right way to create a content or communications strategy. You need a team that’s creative and flexible to get the word out about your company, product, or event in the most effective way.

Sharing the Right Message at the Right Time

Talking to your potential customers might seem like the easiest thing in the world. You have a product or service with specific uses and even a list of leads to contact. Simple, right? Not necessarily. Whether you are promoting a specific campaign, want to put together an overarching communications plan for your organization, or are looking for the perfect voice and tone for the content on your website, a clear-cut strategy that outlines your goals and the methods you plan to use to achieve those goals is essential to your success.

Always Look Before You Leap

Even though we know having a solid content or communications strategy is a smart first step, it can be tempting to jump into a writing copy or sending out emails, especially when there are tight deadlines. However, taking the time to think through key elements, like objectives, audience, messaging, available resources, platforms, and relevant KPIs can adequately prepare you for any unforeseen challenges that may pop up. For a communications strategy, this could mean spinning up a simple plan for addressing individual initiatives quickly or building a holistic strategy that is put in place to guide all your efforts. When thinking about content, being able to rely on a unified content strategy allows everyone in your organization have a touchpoint for creating copy that meets your goals and provides your audience with useful, relevant information.

Combining Creativity with Smart Planning

The S4 team starts the process for developing both content and communications strategies the same way. We conduct discussions with key stakeholders to learn your objectives, determine any strengths and weaknesses that need to be taken into consideration, and ensure those objectives have specific, measurable endpoints that let us know whether the campaign has succeeded or content is meeting the needs of your website users. The next step is where the art comes in. We get creative and brainstorm strategies we could use to achieve the identified goals. Then we work with your team to narrow this list down to a core group of tactics that will get the most bang for our efforts and identify metrics that tell us when we’ve won.