Consumer Journey Mapping

Consumer Journey Mapping can be a powerful tool to help you really get into the heads of your target customers. Even better, it helps put the user experience front and center for everyone working on your project from start to finish.

Getting to the Bottom of Customer Experience

A consumer journey map is a graphic representation of your customer’s experience, from contact through engagement and then on to a long relationship with your brand. A well-executed journey map defines consumer pivot points and decision paths to give your team (and ours) a deeper understanding of customer behaviors. This insight helps us identify where we can provide users with a better experience.

Creating a Reference for Marketing Initiatives

When building a consumer journey map, our primary objective is find the key places where we can influence your customer’s journey by making brand touchpoints line up with their goals. Once we have charted out how your customer interacts with products or services like yours, we can use that map to guide recommendations for specific marketing tactics and initiatives. Journey maps can also be used to make informed decisions about design and copywriting.

Understanding Your Customer’s Point of View

A solid journey mapping process helps us dig into how your target audience views your brand.

Our team starts by leveraging learnings from audience persona research to define the stages your customer goes through from being unaware to becoming a loyal customer. After defining these behavioral stages, we align the customer’s goals and group touchpoints in the appropriate stages. Then we move on to identifying any potential roadblocks that stops a customer from moving on to the next phase of their journey. And finally, we consider what the consumer needs from you to keep them satisfied and coming back to you for more.