Audience Personas

Audience Personas Help You Walk in Your Customers’ Shoes: Getting into the head of your ideal customers at the beginning is the best way to keep your marketing efforts on track. An audience persona based on data is a great way to keep our team and yours on the same page.

Discovering What Your Target Audience Wants

Understanding your audience is the first step in creating relevant content for your website. An audience persona is a detailed, tangible set of characteristics created for each target group outlining a typical member of that group. These go beyond mere demographic traits, and dive deep into user motivations, goals, and wants. S4 uses audience personas to bridge the gap between discovering what your target audience wants and needs and what your site offers them.

Putting Your Website Content into Perspective

When kicking off a new project, S4 creates a persona for each audience segment with enough psychological detail that our team gains a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations as well as your ability to meet those needs. They allow us to get inside the minds of your customers and view your company, services, and products from their point of view. We are then able to create, target, and deliver content in a way that will truly connect with your website’s users.

Persona Development Based on the Facts

An effective audience persona shouldn’t be based on a gut feeling.

We start the research process by meeting with you and having a conversation where we will discuss your primary audiences to learn key demographics, how your audience views your brand, and who your ideal customer is and what it is that makes them ideal. This information is combined with additional research, including stakeholder interviews, and website analytics, and product offerings to get the full pictures. We then take these data points and develop detailed audience personas for each targeted group.