Usability Testing

Solid User Experience: Businesses need websites users love to—how do we put it?—use. Beyond possessing appealing design and functional applications, a website should make its users feel something, ideally something really positive.

Find out how people are really interacting with your website.

There’s nothing worse than designing a beautiful website, or developing exciting functionality, only to discover that users aren’t interacting with it. By testing your marketing under real-world circumstances, you can determine what’s working and what isn’t, and how best to adapt your content and layout to your customers’ actual needs and behaviors instead of those you assume them to have.

Not Just Opinion.

Usability testing goes beyond simply gathering opinions about a particular element. It’s even more specific than market and qualitative research about your audience. Usability testing supplements that research with systematic observations under controlled conditions to determine how people work with your site or digital products. It establishes not only whether or not consumers understand your site, but also whether or not they can actually use it as intended. Feedback provided can then be integrated into the next iteration of the design.

Don’t Guess, Know

When implemented correctly, the web can act as a living laboratory, allowing you to constantly refine your understanding of your customers. At Station Four, we believe that influencing real user behavior is the best indicator of success. Whether it’s implementing remote usability testing before the launch of a new product, or the execution of a series of A/B split tests on new elements of an existing site, we ensure that all recommendations are directed where they’ll have maximum impact.

Our usability testing engagements are typically an extension of larger design projects, in order to ensure that user actions are properly aligned with business goals. In some cases, when clients have sufficient traffic for statistical verification, we’ll conduct A/B split testing to determine the impact of a variable design or pathway versus a control version. Find out how enhancements to your user experience can yield real results.