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Responsive Web Design

When the Jacksonville Transportation Authority, a long-time client of ours, acquired the St. Johns River Ferry, it also took over responsibility for the existing mobile app, which provided users with up-to-the-minute information about the ferry. Needing to transition the app to their organization, JTA worked with us to develop an attractive and informative responsive website.

Integrating Information

Development of the new St. Johns River Ferry website entailed integration of a custom Google Map plugin utilizing information gathered from the NextBus API. The website was also linked to JTA’s content management system, Umbraco, in such a way that administrative users can modify content, add notifications, and send notifications to subscribers.

JTA Ferry Home Page Mockup
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Access Across Devices

Since users often need to remain updated of the ferry’s status on the go, it was crucial that the website be perfectly responsive across all devices. Employing a single-page design that easily adapts to any screen size enabled us to guarantee ease of use without sacrificing any design elements or the important Google Map.

JTA Ferry Home Page Mockup
JTA Ferry Home Page Mockup

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