JTA Procurement

Application Development

To better connect with vendors and facilitate purchasing, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority needed a dedicated procurement platform. We created one that allows vendors to register to receive notifications and keep up to date on any current or future solicitations.

JTA Procurement Portal Home Page

Precise Design

The core focus when developing JTA's new procurement portal was organizing large volumes of tabular data in a way that is not only easy to navigate and skim but also collapsible so as to hide modules for respective membership tiers. Having several membership tiers—in order to restrict information depending on the user—necessitated carefully calculated design. It needed to be flexible enough so that when modules are hidden, the page remains aesthetically sound.

Accessible to All

One of the challenges in developing the procurement portal was ensuring it is ADA-compliant so that all business owners can participate. ADA compliance requires an acute attention to detail that we maintained throughout design and development.

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