JTA MobilityWorks

Responsive Web Design

With the extension of the Local Option Gas Tax, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority has been able to plan for a number of projects over the next several years. Needing a website to present these projects, they tapped us to create something attractive, intuitive, and in line with their brand.

JTAMobilityWorks Home Page

A Useful Map

The principle feature of JTAMobilityWorks' home page is no doubt its map, which portrays the locations of JTA's various planned projects with charmingly colored icons. These are filterable by type to give users a quick method of identifying which projects they might be most interested in. The icons are also clickable, providing users a link to each project's individual page.

  • JTAMobilityWorks Project Page

Informing the User

Our biggest challenge was conveying to the public the different project types: roadway, intersection, and mobility corridor. A simple solution was creating individual, informative project pages as well as an easily comprehended table of all the projects along with their relevant data.

We also included a way for users to receive updates on the projects that affect them most. Users can stay informed through both these updates and, on some project pages, an interactive timeline.

JTAMobilityWorks Project Page

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