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W&O is a leader in maritime industry with products and services who came to S4 in need of updating their website and building an online catalog. From these projects, another was born: an ecommerce platform. S4 worked with W&O to turn these needs into solutions by going above and beyond what other agencies would do.

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W&O needed an updated site to fit the demands of modern web users. This included updating the design, user experience, information architecture, and making the site responsive. The idea behind this project was to establish a base-line site (called a Launchpad site) that could then be optimized over time, through a continuous improvement cycle.

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    S4 worked closely with all W&O departments to build an integration with their ERP (Entity Resource Planning) that established a successful ecosystem between online sales, purchase management, warehouse picking processes, and deliverability of goods. The complexity of this integration was a huge feat for S4, and one they were more than happy to take on.

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Relationship Building

Working across many departments within W&O allowed S4 to deeply understand the company structure and how to navigate the data needed for the site to work well within w&O’s day-to-day business processes. This relationship helped both teams deliver successful results that are constantly being strategically driven.

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The work seen here on this page is truly the tip of the iceberg. Not in a cliche way, but due to the amount of work that had to be put in behind the scenes or below the surface. Most agencies would have outsourced work that involved this much effort, but S4 believed it was imperative that they do the work for W&O in order to build a truly seamless and scalable ecosystem for the client and their customers. That intuition paid off.

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