EmployBridge Corporate

Responsive Web Design

Long-time client EmployBridge needed a responsive website that both entices investors and validates its brand through a well-established digital presence. We set out to build something professional and representative of EmployBridge's entire suite of subsidiary companies.

EmployBridge Project Image

Professional and Updated

In designing EmployBridge's new site, sophistication and innovation remained at the forefront of our inspirational values to help further the company's objective of becoming the modern leader in staffing. We therefore employed minimal content with bold colors to cultivate an aesthetic that is corporate and professional without seeming outdated or stuffy.

Playing to Strengths

EmployBridge's brands are truly its greatest strength, but it nevertheless requires proper investment to stand on. We focused the user experience on nurturing investors, with copy and graphical elements that clearly communicate EmployBridge's fantastic career and customer satisfaction, awards, volume of careers, and various other achievements.

EmployBridge Project Image

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